Brand Focus Series

Hey guys, I am here today to tell you all about a series that I will be starting on my blog. This series will be the first of many series that I will be doing on my blog over the next while but for now I am going to start with this one.

With this series, as you can tell from the title it will be a brand focus series. With this series I will only be buying make up, skin care or hair care from one brand each month.For that month I will be only using the products I buy from that brand. At the start of each month, I will be writing a quick post telling and showing you all the products that I will be trying that month. When I first use them I will be writing a first impressions post about how I felt about each product.

With this series, it will be mainly drugstore brands as I wouldn’t be able to buy from high end brands every month. I am not sure what brand I am going to start with first just yet tho will possibly be Maybelline or Max Factor first. I have a list of make up, hair care and skin care brands in which I want to try things from so I have a lot that I want to try, so will be able to do a lot of posts in this series.

Well I hope you will all enjoy this series when I get it started, the first post in the series will posted on Monday so check back then to find out what brand I choose to start this series with.

See you all on Monday 


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