The Most Amazing Website Ever!!

Hey guys, I am here to tell you all about an amazing website that I have found that will make buying foundation and concealer online more of a dream than a nightmare.

The website I am talking about is I discovered this website while having a look though the BuzzFeed thing on Snapchat one night while lying on bed unable to sleep one night.

I am so glad I have discovered this website!! It has made my life so much easier when it comes to buying foundation! Normally I will have to go round shops and try and find t a foundation in my shade. I have noticed lately that a lot of shops don’t have some of the lighter shades at or any that do have the lighter shades don’t have any left.

All you have to do with this website is put in a brand of foundation you use, what the name of the foundation is and what shade you are. For the best match, you should put two different foundations in. Once that is done. all you have to do is click on find my matches and then it will show you a list off all the foundation that are best matched for you!!

Another thing with this website is that it it will actually also tell you where you can buy the foundations from.

I really hope you guys will love this website as much as I do! Let me know what you all think about this website in the comments!!


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