It has been way too long! Have you all missed me?

Well I am back!! Well sort of.Β 

As you know if you follow my blog, that I took a break back in March because I had some personal things going on and had been working flat out. But now I have sorted them personal things out and have even started a new job.

I am also in a new relationship, as you all may have seen if you have been keeping up to date with me on Instagram (@just_rachelxo)

I am going to be getting back into blogging again as I have missed it loads. I will be slowly getting back into things as I am having a bit of writer’s block.

I know that I started some series before I took the break. These series may start up again but for now I am thinking of starting with a few new series and seeing how they go. The plan is to start with just two new series and see how I do then maybe add another one in after a while.Β 

Thank you to everyone that has still be viewing my blog while I have been away and also thank you to any new followers that have also joined!

Love From

Rachel xo

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