Declutter My Life

Hey everyone, I am back with my first proper blog post after my huge break from it.

Today I am going to be talking about the declutter that I am going to be doing. Over the years I have collected a lot of things from make up, to hair care and skin care.

I have started to declutter some of it, I have got rid of a lot of make up, skin care, hair care and other things that I have not been using or things that I have not been liking (Yes I have been keeping make up and things that I don’t even like).

I also wanna get things down to a more controllable level as it has now got really outta hand. When I say outta hand, if I added up everything that I have beauty wise it would probably be about Β£2000 worth of things.

When I first started to get into beauty and fashion and things, I wanted to get everything that was on the market. I wanted to try everything and was buying things for the sake of buying them. Now that I am in a new job and a new relationship, I am wanting to get my life into more of an order.
I will be bringing you all along on my path to getting things into a controllable level! To keep up to date with how things are going, follow me in Instagram – @just_rachelxo and add me on Snapchat – just.rachelxo


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