Ideal Make Up Collection

Hello and welcome to my new blog post. Today I am going to be talking to you all about something that I am wanting to do with my make up collection.

For years I have had a make up collection that is way out of control, I had endless amounts of products open at any one time that in the end had to be put in the bin because it has went off. As you have seen if you follow my blog, I put up a post about how I had done a declutter on my make up collection (click here to go and read it).

I have started getting things down to what I want but I still have a wee way to go. So today I am going to be telling you all about what I want to have in my make up collection at any one time! So I hope you enjoy!!

Primer: 2 Face Primers & 1 Eye Primer

Foundation, CC Cream & BB Cream: 2 Foundations, 1 CC Cream & 1 BB Cream

Concealer: 2 Concealers

Blush: 3 Powder Blush & 1 Cream Blush

Contour/Bronzer: 2 Contour Shades & 1 Bronzer

Powder: 1 Pressed Powder & 1 Loose Powder

Highlight: 2 Highlighters

Brows: 1 Brow Pencil, 1 Tinted Brow Gel, 1 Clear Brow Gel, 1 Brow Pomade & 1 Brow Felt Pen

Eye Shadow: 3 Single Shadows, 1 Cream Shadow, 2 Pencil Shadow, 1 Small Palette & 1 Big Palette

Eyeliner: 1 Pencil Eyeliner, 1 Felt Eyeliner, 1 Coloured Eyeliner & 1 Gel Eyeliner

Mascara: 2 Mascaras

Lip Liner: 1 Nude Liner, 1 Pink Liner, 1 Purple Liner, 1 Dark Liner & 1 Brown Liner

Lipstick: 1 Nude Lipstick, 1 Pink Lipstick, 1 Purple Lipstick, 1 Dark Lipstick, 1 Brown Lipstick & 1 Bright Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick: 1 Nude, 1 Pink, 1 Purple, 1 Dark, 1 Brown & 1 Bright

Lip Gloss: 1 Clear Gloss, 1 Pink Gloss, 1 Nude Gloss & 1 Dark Gloss

Setting Spray: 1 Setting Spray

Lip Balm: 1 Clear Balm and 1 Tinted Balm

Palettes (Now this will be ever now and again): 1 Blush Palette, 1 Concealer Palette, 1 Brow Palette, 1 Contour Palette & 1 Foundation Palette

I will be getting my make up collection down to this over time, as it is going to take a while for me to use some stuff up. I will be doing update posts on how things are going with getting my collection sized down.



Declutter my life – Make Up Update

Hey guys, I am back with a quick update for you all on the the declutter post I put up the other day.

Today’s job was my make up collection. I had already started doing parts of this last week but didn’t finish.

I am actually shocked at how much I got rid of.

Before I started, I didn’t really have any room in my make up drawer. I had make up stored everywhere in my room. From boxes under my vanity table, to random make up bags and in the bottom of my handbag.

Now I am able to store all my make up in the one drawer in my vanity (part from my lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks and lip liners! They are stored in an acrylic drawer sent on the top of my vanity). I am still in complete shock that I now have it all stored in one place.

I do have a Mac bag filled with make up that is brand new that I don’t wanna use till I have used up other things.

I have an idea in my mind what I want my make up collection to be like. I will be writing a blog post on it when I have started getting things properly together for it.

Don’t forget to be checking back in over the next few weeks to see how things are going on my declutter with other parts of my room!


Favourites Series

Hey guys, I am here with yet another post about a blog series that I will be starting here for you. 

As you can tell by the title this will be a favourites series, but it isn’t going to be a monthly favourites like most people do, I will be doing it every two months (e.g. June/July). I am doing it this way as some months I don’t really have anything that I would say is my favourite for that month, so by doing it every two months means there is a chance that I will have favourites to talk about.

Also in the favourites posts, there will also be my TV, music and fashion favourites too. 

I am not sure when I will be starting this series but it should be in the next month or so. 


Brand Focus – Primark P.S Range #1 

I am back today guys with the new brand focus for the month of February! This month I am doing the Primark P.S. range! I have tried the odd product from this range but not many so thought I would give it a try this month! 

I am trying three products yet again, two lip products and a face product. They are;

  • The liquid foundation in shade Ivory
  • The high shine lip crayon in amethyst 
  • the super matte Liquid Lipstick In Kiki

I will have the first of the first impression posts up in a few days so make sure you look out for that! Bye for now my lovelies ❤

Get to know me Series

Heyyy guys. I am back with the intro to yet another blog series. 

This will be the get to know me series. This series will be all different posts like Tags and things just so you all can get to know me better.

This series, the posts will be every now and again, as I don’t wanna be none stop posting with this series as the Brand Focus series will be having posts all the time. 

I will over time be doing Q&A posts as part of this series but I will be letting you all know when I am planing on doing a Q&A so you can get your questions in for it.


Brand Focus Update

Hey guys, I am here with an update on the Brand Focus Series! I know I have said I will be doing it every month, but I am not getting round to trying things every months. So because of this I will be doing the series every now and again. 

Some brand focus posts, will not be completed in three posts right after I post the first of the posts, they will be spread out for a while. This will be easier for me as I am finding it hard to really try each product.

Sorry about the change in things guys.


OOTD Series

Hey guys, I am here to tell you all about another series that I am wanting to start on my blog. As you all know I post every Monday and Friday but I am now wanting to post on a Wednesday too.

The posts on a Wednesday will be only outfit of the day posts. So each Wednesday, I will be posting a photo of one of my many outfits each week, what gave me the idea for that outfit, where I was wearing that outfit too and where each part of the outfit is from with links to each piece if possible.

As this is a beauty and fashion blog, I thought that this series would be a nice touch to keep fashion as a part of my blog every week even the posts on Monday and Friday will mainly be beauty posts. 

I do have another series that I will be starting on my blog, so look out for a post about that coming soon.