OOTD ’17 #3

Hey guys, here is yet another OOTD post. This outfit was for a night out. I am going to try and tag the dress for you all, but I may not be able to as I got it from Miss Selfridge in the sale.

Jacket -Primark 

Dress – Miss Selfidge (Dress is no longer available online)

Shoes- unknowing brand 


First Impression – Primark P.S Liquid Foundation 

Hey guys, I am here with the first of the February brand focus first impressions. Today will be my first impression of the liquid foundation.

As always I will be breaking it down into three things just like I have done before so enjoy.

Colour – A while ago, I tried the first foundation that came out in this range and I hated it! Was it only came in light, medium and dark. So when I seen that they actually had a shade Ivory now I was pretty happy. The colour isn’t the most perfect match for me, it is a tiny bit too dark but I can make it work. It doesn’t really seem to have an undertone to it (FYI I have a bit of a yellow undertone). Even tho it is a tiny bit too dark for me, I still like the colour.

Blending – I have only so far applied this foundation with my expert face brush, but I love how blending this foundation is. It doesn’t feel like it is pulling at my skin when I am applying it at all. It has a medium coverage but it is build able which I like as I like my foundation to be more of a full coverage. 

Staying power – This foundation only cost me £2.50 but you would think it was dearer!! This foundation has lasted me on my skin from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening without looking patchy on me. I have set it with a setting spray since I first used it, and it has lasted me a bit longer. 

This foundation is really really good for all the price of it! So I am going to score this foundation 3/3!!

Brand Focus – Primark P.S Range #1 

I am back today guys with the new brand focus for the month of February! This month I am doing the Primark P.S. range! I have tried the odd product from this range but not many so thought I would give it a try this month! 

I am trying three products yet again, two lip products and a face product. They are;

  • The liquid foundation in shade Ivory
  • The high shine lip crayon in amethyst 
  • the super matte Liquid Lipstick In Kiki

I will have the first of the first impression posts up in a few days so make sure you look out for that! Bye for now my lovelies ❤

OOTD ’17 #2

Hey guys, I am here with another OOTD post. I am unable to tag the outfit as it is all from Primark. I am a huge Primark fan, as I would but a lot of my stuff in there. I hop you like this outfit. I will be back next week with yet another for you all.

Whole outfit is from Primark 

Remember, OOTD post are every Wednesday at 11am.


OOTD ’17 #1

Hey guys, I am here with the first of the OOTD posts. I will tagged what I can as some are not available online. I hope you like this post. Remember OOTD posts will be every Wednesday.

Top and bag – River Island (Bag is no longer available online)

Jeans – Primark (No link available)

Boots – New Look