The Adventures Of Just Rachel xo

Hey guys, I am here to tell you all about a new series that I will be starting on my blog!Β 

As you can tell from the title this is going to be a series called ‘The Adventures Of Just Rachel xo’. With this series will be all about things that I get up to with Carl or even my friends.

The posts for this series will be now and again as I don’t really go out doing things every week so wouldn’t really have much to talk about half the time.Β 

Over the next few months I will have a good bit going on, with weddings, concerts and car shows so there will be more posts in more August time. There will be other things that I will be doing too, which is;

Shopping Trips

Meals Out

Nights Out

Day Trips

Road Trips

When I am out for things like meals, I will be also reviewing the place in which I went for food. If I do this, then that means anyone who lives in Northern Ireland or is coming to Northern Ireland can see places that are nice in which to go for something to eat.

Each post will also have photos in it. There will always be OOTD the each post as well so that you can all see what I worn for what it is I am going to!Β 

The first post won’t be for another few weeks, so be keeping an eye out for that!